Tours - Rio Lagartos & Ek' Balam

Ek' Balam

The village of Rio Lagartos (“lagartos” a nickname that means “lizards”) is the home to hundreds of crocodiles which live in the mangrove. Most of their activity is at night, but our experienced captain will use his knowledge to find the ancient reptile during our boat ride through the mangrove. We will also see a large variety of birds, migratory and residents that call this area home. You can expect to see great blue or tiger heron, cormorants, black hawks, white pelicans from Canada and of course, the pink flamingos that live and nest in the reserve. We will be able to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

After our boat ride, we will enjoy a delicious lunch based on fresh fish filet in a local restaurant overlooking the bay of Rio Lagartos.

Ek' Balam is the ancient city of the “Black Jaguar”. Still partially covered by the forest of the North Yucatan Peninsula, this medium sized city (as compared to Chicken Itza) is slowly being discovered and uncovered. It is an unforgettable experience, with the stunning architecture harmonizing with the surrounding gardens. Recently discovered, Ek' Balam’s crown jewel is the magnificently decorated prince tomb halfway up the main pyramid, Acropolis. At the entrance to Acropolis you will meet the monster-like figure who is said to be guarding the entrance to the under world. This figure is thought to have devoured the dead, allowing them to cross through to nine underground worlds before joining the sun on its journey through the sky.

A long and fascinating journey that will award those explorers that come with us to discover the hidden marvels of the North Yucatán.

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  • Early Departure from Puerto Morelos, arriving at Rio Lagartos around 10:30am
  • Boat ride (2h30) in the natural reserve park to observe the richness and variety of wildlife
  • Lunch based on fresh fish filet (chicken is also available) in the village
  • Guided visit of Ek' Balam (1h30)
  • Return to Puerto Morelos around 6:30pm


Included: transportation, tour-leader all day, entrance fee to ruin, local guide at Ek' Balam, entrance to Rio Lagartos, boat ride through the mangrove, lunch.

Not Included: drinks or beverages during lunch, video filming permission at Ek' Balam, tips for driver or boat captain.

Don’t forget to bring: comfortable walking shoes, a hat, suntan lotion and bug repellent.

2014 rates

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Classic Tour - Thursday
Private tour - Any day of week
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2 persons
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